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Quantum Mechanics, Chaos Theory, And Social Evolution 

Hermetic.com has an intriguing article by ontological anarchist Hakim Bey called Quantum Mechanics & Chaos Theory - Anarchist Meditations on N. Herbert's Quantum Reality: Beyond the New Physics, discussing the symbiosis between scientific movements and social structures. Particularly, he attempts to explore how the quantum mechanical world view might affect the social and logical fabric of human culture.
24. My groping attempt at a synthesis is suggested by what I call Chaos Theory, which holds to the axiom that reality itself subsists in a state of ontological anarchy. "The one gave birth to the two, the two to the 10,000 things" -- but all this IS the tao & nothing but the tao. Yin & yang have no being in themselves, but act as interpenetrating modalities of the tao. The real/unreal dichotomy enslaves us in false consciousness. Looked at from one point of view, nothing is real; from another point of view, everything is real; from another, "nothing is real except the Real"; from yet another, "I am the Real" (ana'I Haqq, a sufi "koan"). These semantricks create a set of paradoxes -- and the resolution will give us an essentially metalinguistic certainty of being's oneness. Such oneness cannot be structured or defined in any way. It has no "ruler" and no "laws" -- hence, ontological anarchy.

27. Chaos Theory predicts that Quantum Theory will fail to turn up any "hidden laws," hidden variables that restore some privileged class of objects or perceptions to a status of objective reality at the expense of other objects & perceptions. The anti-realists who recognize only the measuring device as real, & the neo-realists who yearn for a "Classical" resolution of QM's paradoxes, are simply proposing different ways of "saving the phenomena" -- or metaphorically, of preserving reality as we know it. Consensus Reality. This project seems doomed from the start -- at least, to us chaotes. The new paradigm will shatter Consensus Reality, & with it all authoritative representatives of scientific "truth."

31. Like Quantum Theory itself, this politique/poetique is still emergent. It can only be sensed as it emerges or begins to emerge from the "facts" of everyday life, just as Quantum Theory peeps out of the strangeness of Quantum facts. Somewhere in the welter of Quantum Theory & Chaos Theory the paradigm is already born, & waits for us to assist at the mystery of its naming, of its transmutation from potentiality to actuality. In this action poets & physicists may play equal parts, for the glory of Quantum Theory is that by restoring consciousness to its theorems it has turned science once again into a type of "Natural Philosophy" -- or alchemy.

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