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The Self As Metaprogrammer 

I have an article up on Future Hi titled The Self as Metaprogrammer. It's somewhat long but deals with neuroanatomy, shamanism, psychedelics, magick, and metaprogramming. Here's an excerpt:
It is difficult to discuss the profound metaphysical experiences encountered within shamanic, psychedelic, and magickal practice within the context of neurochemistry without sounding mechanistic. While we can attempt to show some of the physiological processes that underlie such experiences, we can never rely solely on chemistry to explain the depth of these visions and the bizarre synchronicities and seeming violations of physical law that so often attend mystical states of consciousness. Suffice it to say that there appears to be much more going on than we suppose and the boundaries between what we imagine to be "reality", the mind we use to interact with it, and the individual self that guides us through it all, is likely very thin and tenuous, if real at all. At best, reality is an ever-shifting map of language, emotion, associations, and chemistry, unique to every sensory apparatus in the universe. We each look at creation through our own facet of a single infinitely vast diamond, and the world may simply be the result of this infinitude of observation, nonexistent without consciousness. The only thing that is really real to us right now is what's going on in our own heads.
[Here's the archive link to the full article.]

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