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From The Wheel of Jacob:
Shin is important (in certain qabalistic teachings) because it is the Hebrew letter that is added to the center of the Tetragrammaton (YHVH) in order to produce the Pentagrammaton (YHShVH). Here Shin represents the 'spirit principle' which descends into and rules over the realm of the 'four elements' - just as the 'head' rules over the other four members (i.e. arms and legs) of the human body.

The name/formula YHShVH ('Yeheshua') is associated with the Christ principle that periodically incarnates upon the Earth in order to clear a path of redemption for Humanity. It is therefore associated with the 'perfected man' - the Christ - the 'Son of God'.

The YHShVH process of 'redemption' necessarily involves the restoration of the 'Tree of Life' to its original 'pre-fall' state of perfection - when the microcosm (Humanity) was united consciously with the macrocosm (the Divine Creator). The existential schism that resulted from the 'fall of Humanity' (with the 'expulsion of Adam from the Garden') is symbolised by the 'Abyss' of the Tree - the chasm that opened between Binah and Hesed (where once stood Daath).

Above the Abyss dwells the macrocosmic Creator - as represented by the initial YH of YHVH. Below the Abyss is found the Human microcosm - the final VH of YHVH. Thus, we might say that with the 'fall of Humanity' came the division of the sacred Tetragrammaton 'YHVH' into two halves - YH and VH.

Y (Yod) = Hockmah
H (Heh) = Binah
V (Vav) = Tifareth (plus Hesed and Geburah)
H (final Heh) = Malkuth (and the lower quaternary of sefiroth)

But with the addition of Shin to YHVH - inserted precisely between the YH and the VH - we derive the Pentagrammaton YHShVH

Y (Yod) = Hockmah
H (Heh) = Binah
Sh (Shin) = Daath
V (Vav) = Tifareth (plus Hesed and Geburah)
H (final Heh) = Malkuth (and the lower quaternary of sefiroth)

In this case, the Hebrew letter Shin represents the 'Holy Covenant' spoken of in the Sefer Yetzirah.

Interesting... so Shin/Yeheshua is like a bridge-metaprogram from micro- to macrocosmic consciousness.

I wonder if any of the reinterpretations that happened from 0 to ~300 C.E. hijacked the original intent of the metaprogram (e.g. St. Paul's dysangel, or perhaps Revelations).
Yeah, good question. I've gotten a lot of my esoteric kabbalah via Crowley, though I'm digging in to some of the more traditional scholars. So I'm not really certain how much of Crowley's Kabbalah reflects the early pre-christ judaism, especially a lot of the elemental stuff (though I suspect this was added much later...)
My esoteric Kabbalah knowlege is from Crowley as well. At least, the conceptual framework... I've filled it in with other (and divergent from Crowley's) ideas since.
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