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Wow, what a crazy weekend! By buddie's bachelor party was Sunday night in the City (SF) and I'm still a bit hazy. We stayed at the Hilton (always good to give money to the empire that spawned America's favorite new-millenium Barbie) which was conveniently located two blocks away from suite one8one (we could see the front door from our suite).

Anyway, the point of this post is that Mark Farina & Doc Martin played amazing sets that absolutely rocked the joint. I haven't been to a party with such a hopping vibe in a while. I literally danced for about 4 hours straight, only stopping to dutifully work through the 2 bottles of Kettle One we had ordered for table service. BTW, did you know that when you get table service at a swanky club (apparently this is quite common) bottles of alcohol cost $200? That's right - 750ml. They throw in mixers and general bus-girl type cleanup but it's still surprisingly steep. Some youg tarts sat down at our couch expecting us to pour them drinks. Us cynical old codgers (30-somethings) pretty much ignored them (aside from the fact that they were stealing our couch) until one actually tried to pour herself a drink from our bottle! My buddy immediately intervened and we booted the harlots (strike a victory for males everywhere).

But again, to reiterate, Doc & Farina raged. And we did manage to drink those two bottles in 3 hours. :)

Hey, good for you kicking out the free-loading ladies. Sounds like you had a blast.
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