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BM Temple 4 

I had heard that David Best would be on hiatus this year but it looks like he'll be back in full effect with another awe-inspiring temple. The above image is of the Temple of Joy, 2002 (where my wife and I were married!).

From Jackit Rabbit Speaks:

Calling all Guardian Angels! David Best is returning with yet another
masterpiece and it’s going to be much grander in scale and design than
any of his previous temples. The Temple Guardians, the wonderful league
of Guardian Angels who keep watch over David’s temple at night, are once
again looking for new members. As a Temple Guardian you’ll be entrusted
with safety of the temple denizens, and the temple structure, for a mere
3 hours. Bring along your friends, better yet, sign them up as
Guardians too, and make it an unforgettable night of interaction and
participation with a living, breathing, art work like no other.

To learn more about the Temple Guardians, or to receive an invite to
join our exclusive yahoo club where you can sign up for a shift of
guardianship, email: w_izdum_b@yahoo.com

You were married in the temple? That must have been indescribable. I'm envious!
It was incredible. And as with any good, quality mystical experience, everything just came together perfectly (I only planned on proposing but the signs were so right that we went all the way). I've posted a couple of pics above. :)
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