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Go See The Corporation 

I just got back from seeing the fantastic documentary, The Corporation, and heartily recommend that everyone see it as soon as possible. The Corporation is a thorough analysis of the psychopathic business personalities exploiting world populations, endangering ecosystems and human health, controlling world governments, and plundering the planet. It presents a chilling, but ultimately optimistic reality check about the corporate multinational gods wrapping their tentacles around every piece of nature and selling it back to us bit by bit.

The most important thing for people to learn is that democracy has been hijacked by corporate interests manipulating world politics to guard profit margins. This is the acute problem gripping America, once the proud birthplace of the democratic Constitution. This is who's running the White House now.

The priveledged first world, with all our goods & products & technologies, is living off the backs of third world laborers, many of whom are little more than children. Monsanto, Bechtel, Goodyear, Phillip Morris, Pfizer (and many, many more), are profiting at the expense of human lives and environmental destruction. In turn they take their profits and invest in "democracies" favorable to unfettered capitalism, buying heads of state and engineering global trade to keep debtor nations bound to the rule of greed, continually supplying cheap, unrepresented labor. In turn governments ensure legal safety from responsibility and remuneration, and state militias to crush any uprisings.

The industrial frenzy of the last 200 years is no longer blinded to its effects. We are waking up to the damage that is being done, the mortgaging of our future for the conveniences of the present. The bottomless pit of resources seems to have a bottom after all... and it's rushing towards us. Today more people than ever are aware of the excesses of industrial civilisation. Our lives are not sustainable. Wether by civil resistance, legislation, or the inevitable running dry of the tap, the paradigm will fail and the human species will be forced to adapt or perish.

Science, in its art of dualism, ever proceeds on two courses: the creation of technologies capable of great destruction, and the technologies capable of deterring that destruction. It is up to us all as individuals to encourage the latter and work against the former. In a corporate world the strongest vote is with your wallet. Buy responsibly.

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