"And the stars are projectors, yeah, projecting our lives down to this planet Earth." - Modest Mouse


The Great Reanimator 

When I first saw Bush/Zombie-Reagan the other day, I barely cracked a smile, but your "Great Reanimator" comment actually made me spit earl gray all over my keyboard and monitor!
Heh heh, sorry about the keyboard. :) Check out their site (the pic is linked) - it's pretty funny:

The Constitution offers no specific prohibition against zombies serving their country. In fact, the majority of the Administration is already composed of the undead. It is a little known fact that Secretary of State Colin Powell is the only cabinet-level member that still has a beating heart.

Zombie Reagan, however, cannot become President, because he has already served two terms in that office. If George W. Bush were to die during his second term (say, by being eaten by Zombie Reagan), three options exist: the Speaker of the House would be elevated to the Presidency, Congress would convene to elect a new President or the President would undergo the zombification process and complete his term.

It wasn't too bad. I had only been able to manage a small sip because it was still a bit hot.

You know, that site reminds me of something...
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