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Happy Bloomsday! 

Today is the 100th anniversary of the day in which James Joyce set his novel, Ulysses - one of the most celebrated novels of all time. And no, I haven't read it yet. But I will someday...
The book has fascinated scholars and baffled readers for decades with its dense prose, obscure puns and allusions to the characters and events of Homer's epic Greek poem The Odyssey.

It has also outraged censors with its choice language and graphic descriptions of basic bodily functions.

However, for all its renown and notoriety, it is a book that few have read and even fewer comprehend.

4 times I've made it to page 100

can't finish Finnegan's Wake either

obliquely related,

I think the films "Slacker" and "Waking Life" are Linklater's "Ulysses" & "Finnegan's Wake" of Austin.
Yeah, I've had the same problem with Gravity's Rainbow - another book I've promised myself I'll someday read in it's entirety. Aside from it's length and complexity, Pynchon will suddenly start writing in German or Italian for several paragraphs. So frustrating!
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