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Insanity, The Home Game 

Australian researchers at the University of Queensland have created a 3D interactive virtual world designed to show psychiatrists what it is like to experience patient hallucinations.
The hallucination simulation software is a three-dimensional environment something like the game Quake, said Ericsson. The researchers interviewed a patient to get descriptions of a set of real-life hallucinations, then depicted them in the software.

The user is able to navigate around the environment using a mouse and keyboard, and can trigger hallucinations via hotkeys or clicking. Hallucinations also automatically occur when the user gets near certain objects.

Visual hallucinations include an abyss appearing where the floor should be, random flashes of light, the user's image in a mirror getting thinner and bleeding from the eyes, and an initially comforting but increasingly abusive Virgin Mary. Abusive voices that say things like "you're worthless" and "go and kill yourself" start at random and [in] proximity to items such as stereos and televisions. These occur simultaneously, giving the effect of many different sounds and voices interjecting and occurring simultaneously, according to Jorgensen.

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