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Semantics Of Music 

Nature has an interesting abstract about the mathematical constructs underlying music and the relationships between textual and musical composition. Both seem to rely on repetition and context to establish meaningful phrases.
The economist and sociologist Herbert Simon later offered an explanation for this mathematical relationship. He argued that as a text progresses, it creates a meaningful context within which words that have been used already are more likely to appear than other, random words. For example, it is more likely that the rest of this article will contain the word "music" than the word "sausage".

Physicist Damian Zanette of the Balseiro Institute in Bariloche, Argentina, used this idea to test whether different types of music create a semantic context in a similar fashion.

aha - & it helps with the brainstorming too

incidentally, this is most evident in genre fiction, the pulpier, the more evident. Stephen King even spoofs off this to remarkable effect in Bag of Bones
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