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Silent Weapon For Our Quiet War 

The Washington Post reports on a recent recommendation by the FDA that sufferers of chronic depression be given a special implant to treat their ailment. Can you say "secret tracking device"?
Using a technique known as vagus nerve stimulation, the device uses electrodes implanted in the neck to activate brain regions that are believed to regulate mood.

The decision by an expert advisory panel of the Food and Drug Administration came after a day of clashing scientific opinions about whether the data submitted by the manufacturer were adequate for approval. Proponents of the device prevailed, citing the desperate need of patients with chronic depression that does not respond to existing treatments.
[The title of this post is a line from the Killing Joke song, Implant.]

-- An article on CBS Market Watch states that the device costs $15000 and the implanting procedure runs another $20000. So they probably won't be lining up kids in the public schools anytime soon. The company name is Cyberonics.

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