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Smoke One For The Team 

In a stunning show of common sense, Lisbon police will allow visiting English soccer fans the freedom to smoke as much weed as they want while enjoying the match at Euro 2004. The logic is that the notoriously rowdy fans will be too stoned to riot. Alcohol drinkers, however, will be watched.
ops in Lisbon plan to crack down on drunk supporters while turning a blind eye to those spotted puffing on a spliff.

Pot-smoking fans have been assured they will not be arrested, cautioned — or even have their drugs confiscated.

Alan Buffry of the Legalise Cannabis Alliance said: “If people are drinking they lose control, if they smoke cannabis they don’t.

“Alcohol makes fans fight. But cannabis smokers will be shaking hands and singing along together.”

Dutch police used a similar policy in Euro 2000 and England’s hooligan element were too stoned to fight.

A Lisbon police spokeswoman said: “If people cause a problem through drugs and become a menace then police will take action. But when this doesn’t happen why should the police be the ones making the fuss?”

I'm waiting for the predictable response from the US govt.

I can't imagine they'd ignore an opportunity like this to look like idiots.
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