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The Sounds Of Burning Man 

Burner Steve Evans has posted an hour's worth of mp3's recorded from Burning Man 2003.
Dear Burners,

You've come to a place where you can download an hour of sound from Burning Man 2003. This work contains dialog, music, art sounds, etc.; anything with an audio signature that communicates something or tells a short audio story about being at Burning Man.

This work is divided into 15 themed tracks. Listen to a sampler track containing a 30 second clip from each track, or listen to each of the sampler's clips individually. Download the entire piece when you are ready. There is a track guide to help you identify sounds within each track. If your audio player supports "Lyrics", you will find a subset of the track guide as lyrics.

This is a gift to the Burning Man community, not a commercial product, so it is free. The liberal copyright encourages wide spread copying, distribution, and presentation of this work. If you are motivated to support the audio artist, please feel free to donate to this cause. Reciprocal gifting of other types of media from you would be fun, too.

Thanks you for being part of the Burning Man community. You all mean a great deal to me. Let me know what you think or if I can include links to other Burning Man audio related projects.

After you have downloaded the entire work, find a quiet room in which you can spend an hour, don some headphones, close your eyes, and be prepared to be transported back to Burning Man by way of the magic of sound and your own memories.

Sound Man
(aka Steve Evans)

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