"And the stars are projectors, yeah, projecting our lives down to this planet Earth." - Modest Mouse


Summer Solstice 

The longest day of the year - the reign of Sol - brings the first day of Summer and the season of fire. The 20th is the last day of Gemini yielding to Cancer on the 21st, moving from Air to Water, Mercury to the Moon.

From Risa's Astrology:
The Cancer glyph represents the feminine and masculine poles in union, thus producing physical forms. Cancer also represents, through the equality of the male/female, the mystic marriage of heaven and earth. This rite, occurring at the midnight hour of the Solstice night, has been hidden in mystery so that only those prepared and ready for wisdom teachings can discover the true meaning. For a year, since the last Summer Solstice, the seeds of light and life, planted in the body during each monthly new and full moon, have been circulating. At the solstice these seeds (within the pituitary and pineal glands) unite at the 3rd ventricle and a fire is emitted. This is the fire of knowledge and of life itself. Its radiations permeate the entire body and chakras and result in a new level of knowledge manifesting. Each year a higher level of knowledge occurs until one enters into the intuitional field, also known esoterically as the Rain Cloud of Knowable Things. (Midsummer Night, the holy night of the Soul.)

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