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Cipher Of Genesis 

Psyche.com offers an exhaustive resource for the works of 20th century Kabbalist, Carlos Suares. From Saures' revised Kabbalah explicated in his work Cipher of Genesis:
This work offers a fundamental new look at the Book of Genesis and contains profound implications for those faiths which are rooted in the Old Testament -- Christianity, Judaism and Islam. It also has something to offer to those who dismiss Genesis as a simplistic story.

The author's case is that the original ideas in the Book of Genesis represents a tradition that has been lost. It is possible that Jesus knew it and tried in vain to expound it. From this perspective, Suares interprets the Gospels of Matthew and John in a new and thought-provoking way.

The first five chapters of Genesis are of far greater significance than a literal reading would suggest. These words cannot be translated into any ordinary language. They were written in a qabalistic code that cannot be understood without knowledge of the code. Each letter of the Hebrew alphabet represents a specific number that in turn signifies the living archetypal forces moving within the Universe. Reading this text can project these forces into our very being and bring the experience of Revelation.

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