"And the stars are projectors, yeah, projecting our lives down to this planet Earth." - Modest Mouse


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My posts have been a bit light lately due to a few other projects I'm working on at the moment. This will change before too long. Sad to say that Future Hi is still trying to remedy some very annoying ISP problems, so we haven't been able to post anything. But this should be cleared up very soon. Progress is being made...

For now (before I head off to see Rush at Shoreline Amphitheater this evening - woohoo!), here are a few cool links:


Real Magick

Street Memes

Dr. Menlo

Rush Rocks!!!!!

I just wish Getty Lee wouldn't sing. Sorry, but I do.
Arrrgh, indeed! I was wondering if Alex could sing... Now we know. ;)

My friend and I were joking that King Diamond should join Getty for a duet. Epic show, though, all in all (aside from the 5 or 6 songs I didn't recognize (post Grace Under Pressure). Loved the Xanasu-ByTor-Xanadu medley. But I really really really wanted to see Freewill.... Oh well.
The last time I saw Rush was for the Grace Under Pressure tour. I remember I was disappointed they didn't do "Free Will" then, either, but they did play "Fly By Night".
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