"And the stars are projectors, yeah, projecting our lives down to this planet Earth." - Modest Mouse


He's From Outta Space, Baby 

Just got caught up on Jason Louv's blog and his shamanic travels through Tibet (which, conicidentally, is a personal fantasy of my own that has been on my mind a lot lately). Yes, today I'm living vicariously through a 22-year old ex-UCSC student living in New York, working for Disinfo, and taking lessons from Tibetan shamen. Louv is currently working on Generation Hex for Disinfo.

An excerpt from his blog:
For my latest adventure, dear companions, you must imagine me in a rented room clogged with incense and kerosene fumes, slowly beating a drum while I wait for trance to overtake me. Outside, soldiers furtively clutching carbine rifles pace under barbed wire, trying to ignore the howling of the jackals in the hills. As I begin to drum faster something begins to unfurl in my mind like the sly grin of the Chesire Cat. It is then that the trance begins, and as I open up into the infinity of self, just at that instant, the power cuts on the entire block. Imagine me sitting crosslegged in front of a massive rice and colored sand mandala, wearing nothing but my Nike shorts, a hat made from five foot tall peacock feathers, a string of bells, and two necklaces made of wood beads meant to represent Kali's necklaces of human skulls. This is how we induce trance. With the elder Jhakri shaman on my left saying frantic incantations over me and flinging water and dried rice at me (hard) while I pound the drum so hard with a snake-stick that my right index finger erupts in blisters, eyes rolled back into my head and screaming like the heat-death of the universe until my central nervous system overloads and leaves me shaking uncontrollably across the floor in the slick of my own sweat, while a lithe naked boy dances around the periphery blowing the Azathothian music of chaos on the hollowed-out legbone of a Bengal tiger.

And that, dear friends and readers, is how we bring the ROCK.

where's the link to his blog?!?
Ah, right. The link. I skipped the Focusin today.
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