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High Weirdness 

Southern diners now serving Freedom Brains:
A French prisoner serving 30 years for murder and cannibalism is under psychiatric evaluation after killing another detainee and trying to eat his brain.

The prisoner... burst out of his cell as dinner was being handed out and attacked guards and convicts serving the meal with an ashtray.

After smashing the skull of one of the convicts, he started eating the brain before being hauled away and taken to a psychiatric institution nearby.
No money - no lengua:
Thousands of ill Cambodians are flocking to this northern village to be licked by a mystical cow named Preah who is curing their complaints, its owner has claimed.

Farmer Puch Pich said up to 400 people have been turning up daily for the past fortnight to be slobbered over, after the 13-month-old white beast apparently cured his wife Kong Mich of a chronic illness.

"The cow won't lick people who don't put in their money... and if he doesn't think you believe in his powers, he won't lick you either," Puch Pich quipped.

Ros Sath, 68, told AFP that before he underwent the unconventional treatment he could barely walk a few metres thanks to a stiff leg.
Injured seagul modded with Barbie leg by band of drunken pirate veterinarians:
"She was found in a flap by a yacht crew who took her to a local vet. Unable to save the badly torn leg, the vet decided to cut it off to save her life.

The crew, inspired by peg-leg pirates, decided to try and replace her lost limb with a false one.

They bought two dolls, one Barbie and one big-handed plastic doll and made a new leg and foot for Martha to hop about on."

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