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Life & Death Equally 

Reuters reports on a Romanian cemetary celebrating death.
Visitors stroll past rows of graves, pointing at epitaphs, reading them out loud and laughing unashamedly.

But not even a tearful family laying flowers on a fresh grave takes offence because in the Merry Cemetery of Sapanta, tucked in a remote corner of northern Romania, life and death are celebrated equally.

Stan Ion Patras, who died in 1977, carved and painted his first bright blue cross in 1935, with a likeness of the deceased on top and a poem below.

Inspired by stories told about the dead person during the traditional three-day feast before the funeral, Patras would compose rhymes describing the person's life or death.

"Cemeteries used to terrify me when I was a child," said Alexa Varriano, a visitor from New York. "But not this one. This is beautiful."

Her friend, Andrea Gissing from Seattle agreed: "It's more a celebration of life than mourning."

"We had heard about this place and we came to visit," said Maria Leonti, an elderly visitor from a nearby village. "Now I wish I could be buried here."

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