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Revolt Of The Magicians 

A screenplay originally written by Aleister Crowley is being enhanced and adapted for the big screen by Kabbalist & Thelemite Lon Milo DuQuette & Cinemagic founder Jim Bratkowsky. Revolt of the Magicians seems to be attracting a lot of attention already:
"The response to our first press release was so astounding," explains Schrager, "that both of our mail servers were overwhelmed." In order to free their business addresses, the producers are in the process of designing a website to manage the inquiries and accolades that continue to flow in several months after the initial announcement.

...Crowley remains larger than life and has sustained enormous appeal. "Crowley's story is rich with real magic and fascinating characters," explains producer Schrager. "Just imagine an adult Harry Potter/Indiana Jones meets the devil himself," adds Baker. The film brings to the screen young Crowley's magical training, experiments with demons and shapeshifters, and the lessons he needs to battle some of the most famous and powerful magicians in England, including Bram Stoker, creator of Dracula, Florence Farr, the most glamorous and famous actress of the London stage and Irish poet William Butler Yeats.
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