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Signs Of The (End) Times 

40% of Canadian Youth think U.S. is evil:
This being Canada, the amount of anti-Americanism that was found is not surprising. What is significant is the high number of teens who used the word "evil" to describe our southern neighbour. As Misty Harris pointed out in her column in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix, evil is usually associated with serial killers and "kids who tear the legs off baby spiders." These teens appear to equate George W. Bush and Americans with Osama bin Laden and Hitler, although it is unknown if the teens polled would describe the latter two as being evil.

UN issues locust plague warning:
The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) says a plague of desert locusts could soon hit several north African states. It says this year's locust swarm looks like being the worst for 15 years. The FAO says the first swarms of locusts have moved from their spring breeding grounds into Mauritania, Mali and Senegal, with many more to come.

Japanese firm embeds tracking chips in student ID's:
Students scan ID cards on passing through the school entrance and the time is recorded and sent via email to their parents' mobile phones or computers, he said. Parents are also alerted if their child fails to arrive at school. The same happens when school is over, so parents know when to expect their children to arrive home, Hasegawa said.

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