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Soccer Brujo's 

LIMA, Peru (Reuters) - Wearing a poncho and coloured beads, Peruvian shaman Juan Osco takes a swig from a bottle filled with unidentified herbs and sprays the liquid over a soccer ball decorated with flags.

A fellow "brujo" whacked the ball with chrysanthemums in a shower of yellow petals.

Other shamans, chanting and shaking maracas, sprayed sickly perfume over the shirts and flags of the 12 teams that will compete in the Copa America soccer tournament starting on Tuesday.

"This is to welcome all the teams and to wish them good luck," Osco told a bemused crowd of onlookers outside Lima's National Stadium.

"Whenever they do this, we lose," sighed Martin Suarez, 23, who was selling hats and shirts in Peru's red and white colours.

At one point Osco held a shrunken head atop a pole to cast out negative energy and promote good values. Another shaman sported a grey fox fur and beat a drum; a third, wearing jungle designs, blew a conch shell.

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